Going dual-stack, how do apps behave and what to do as an operator (Was: Apple Airport Extreme IPv6 problems?)

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Sep 24 15:30:30 UTC 2007

>> Probably doesn't work so well if you have 6k people behind the same  
>> NAT, and they all try and use proto-41, though.
> If you have 6,000 people behind a single NAT, proto-41 is probably the
> least of your concerns, and Randy Bush may or may not be thinking of
> awarding you an Innovative Engineering Award. :)

the problem with these hokey things to show ipv6 works, or to get ipv6
to a home user, is that they don't really scale. they're good for
marketing but not for long run real operations.

and that would be ok, in a sense; it's just marketing.  the problem is
when the marketing flack obscures getting real work done on making ipv6
scalable and deployable.


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