New TransPacific Cable Projects:

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Mon Sep 24 13:47:06 UTC 2007

[michael dillon]

> And the other cable, which Google is involved in, is connecting
> the USA and Australia, a country that has always had connectivity
> issues, especially pricing issues. This has led to a much higher
> use of web proxies in Australia to reduce international traffic
> levels and this may be the key to why, Google, an application
> developer and ASP/SaaS operator, is trying to build a cable link
> to the major English language market in Asia-Pacific.


Google's in Sydney.

Australians don't use web proxies, even though (sans google) they
still save ~30% byte hit rates to decent size populations. 
Web proxies can be taught to cache stuff like updates and flash
media (think "youtube"); and no amount of intercontinental bandwidth
can fix the current issues AU ISPs face - throwing bandwidth
between their aggregation point and the DSL DSLAMs in exchanges.

Try again!


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