New TransPacific Cable Projects:

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On Sep 22, 2007, at 5:26 AM, Rod Beck wrote:

> It is not obvious to me that there is a Pacific cable capacity  
> glut. For example, I sold a DS3 from LA to Hong Kong for $6K MRC  
> whereas the last time a wholesale TransAtlantic DS3 rivaled that  
> figure was 2001.

Not to mention that the Taiwan straits earthquake showed a clear lack  
of physical
diversity on a number of important Pacific routes, which I know some  
companies are laying fiber to address.


> Now you could argue that one needs to look at pricing on a mileage- 
> adjusted basis since the typical TransPacific cable spans a much  
> greater distance than its TransAtlantic counterpart.
> But operating costs are not proportional to mileage - the bulk of  
> your operating expense is what you pay the undersea maintenance  
> companies such as Global Marine and Tyco Submarine and Alcatel. And  
> their annual charges are not very sensitive to distance.
> What is peculiar about the Pacific is the lack of new products. For  
> example, it's extremely difficult to get any Ethernet transport on  
> many routes such as LA/Sydney or into India.
> Yes, there is some Ethernet/IP junk, but that doesn't meet most of  
> my clients' performance standards. It is IP masquerading as Ethernet.
> In fact, it is very difficult to find Packet-over-SDH Ethernet even  
> on the all-important LA/HK route.
> To sum up, I do believe the median Pacific cable enjoys a  
> substantial margin advantage over the median Atlantic
> There is only TransAtlantic cable that is particularly well right  
> now, largely due to its unique physical diversity and footprint.
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> This is what happens when I stay late at the office on a Friday.
> - Google participating in a new
> Transpacific Cable Project
> -
> Verizon on a different transpacific project
> And all the same articles say there is already an overpriced glut of
> capacity along these routes and a glut of fiber laying ocean vessels.
> Good times. Rather than having competition, everyone is just building
> their own routes that they won't share at wholesale prices to folks in
> the wholesale buying business. :)
> Ahh... reminds me of the late 90s when everyone was building dark  
> fiber
> networks for the surge of demand that was coming. Now, the remaining
> folks are buying up all the unused bits to constrain capacity.
> If I were a stakeholder in transpacific cables, I'd be leasing up the
> next 3-6 years of the entire global cable laying fleet. :)
> Deepak Jain
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