Bee attack, fiber cut, 7-hour outage

Wayne E. Bouchard web at
Fri Sep 21 23:59:30 UTC 2007

On Fri, Sep 21, 2007 at 04:49:22PM -0400, Justin M. Streiner wrote:
> >Anytime you talk about "rural" I'm impressed with 7 hours, however -- 
> >isn't SONET supposed to make this better?
> Sure, if:
> 1. the protect path is configured and enabled
> 2. both the working and protect paths don't run through the same 
> conduit/duct/buffer

I am continually amazed at how often this is the case.

I realize that it's expensive to run these lines but when you put your
working and protect in the same cable or different cables in the same
trench (not even a trench a few feet apart, but the same trench and
same innerduct), you have to EXPECT that you're gonna have angry
customers. And yet when telco folks learn that this has occured, they
often fein being as surprised as the customers.

Truely amazing.

Wayne Bouchard
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