dotted AS numbers in asn.txt

Andreas Ott andreas at
Wed Sep 19 18:17:59 UTC 2007


since when does contain dotted
AS numbers? Where is the new formatting documented, asn.h ?

It just broke a scriptology we use to generate AS lookups for 'offline'
customers (please don't ask :) ).

$ head -2 asn.txt

[asn.txt]                                        2007-09-19 02:45:00Z

$ tail -7 asn.txt
[reformatted some whitespace here]

 44032-64511     IANA-RSVD         IANA-IP-ARIN (Abuse)
 64512-65535     IANA-RSVD2        IANA-IP-ARIN (Abuse)
 6.0             B6                WM110-ARIN (Tech)
 6.1             ASN4-TELUS        AAT-ARIN (Abuse), FTS1-ARIN (Tech), TBOTP-ARIN (Tech)
 6.3             H6                KML9-ARIN (Tech)
 6.5             ISC-32AS          ISCAT-ARIN (Abuse), JDA87-ARIN (Tech)
 6.6             BLUEFIN-TRADING   HOSTM912-ARIN (Abuse)

"Your search -  AS number 6.5 ISC32-AS - did not match any documents. "

Thanks, andreas
Andreas Ott      K6OTT               andreas at

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