Apple Airport Extreme IPv6 problems?

David Conrad drc at
Tue Sep 18 20:30:21 UTC 2007


On Sep 18, 2007, at 5:45 AM, Jeroen Massar wrote:
> Please please please, for the sake of a semi-'standard', please  
> only use
> the following forms in those cases:
> www.<domain>
> www.ipv6.<domain>
> www.ipv4.<domain>
> Don't come up with any other variants. The above form is what is in
> general use around the internet and what some people will at least try
> to use in cases where a DNS label has both an AAAA and A and one of  
> them
> doesn't work. You can of course add them, it is your DNS, but with the
> above people might actually try them.

What RFC (or other standards publication) is this documented in?


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