Going dual-stack, how do apps behave and what to do as an operator (Was: Apple Airport Extreme IPv6 problems?)

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Tue Sep 18 13:54:11 UTC 2007

> >>  - setup a 6to4 relay + route + 2002::/16
> >
> > How?
> This is reasonably well documented for a Cisco but here's a 
> minimal sample
> config:

Thanks. I used your info, and other sources, to put up a page at
http://www.getipv6.info/index.php/First_Steps_for_ISPs which describes
how to set up 6to4 relay on Cisco, where to get Teredo relay software
that you can run, and where to get tunnel broker software.

There are a couple of gaps. I can find no info on how to set up 6to4
relay services on Juniper routers. Does JUNOS support this at all? If
you know, go to the above page, click on Juniper, and tell us what needs
to be done. In addition, CSELT in Italy distributed an IPv6 tunnel
broker package at one time. I cannot find this anywhere. If you know
where this software can be acquired or if you know of better IPv6 tunnel
broker software, add it to the above page.

I now know why people are so quick to give advice on what to do without
explaining how to do it. It just is not easy to find out how to setup
6to4 relay services, Teredo relay services and IPv6 tunnel broker
services. No doubt you can hire a consultant to do this for you, but if
we want to get significant deployment we cannot rely on consultants who
keep their toolkits secret.

--Michael Dillon

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