Apple Airport Extreme IPv6 problems?

Iljitsch van Beijnum iljitsch at
Mon Sep 17 17:43:48 UTC 2007

On 17-sep-2007, at 19:06, Martin Hannigan wrote:

> Getting back to my original discussion with Barrett, what should we do
> about naming? I initially though that segregating v6 in a subdomain
> was a good idea, but if this is truly a migration, v4 should be the
> interface segregated.

For debugging purposes, it's always good to have, but the real question is: do you feel  
comfortable adding AAAA records to your production domain names?  
Although I've been running that way for years and I've had only one  
or two complaints during that time, I can see how someone could be  
worried about reduced performance over IPv6 (it's still slower than  
IPv4 a lot of the time because of tunnel detours etc) or even  
timeouts when advertised IPv6 connectivity doesn't work for someone,  
such as a Vista user with a public IPv4 address behind a firewall  
that blocks protocol 41.

Then again, I'm guessing that few people type  
rather than And with stuff like mail, where you set  
up the server names once and forget about it, it's even worse.

So... I'd say: gain some experience with a service that is important  
enough that people will complain when things are slow, but not  
important enough that bad things happen if you don't fix the issue  
for them. For instance, you could host the page with all the NOC  
contact info on a domain with an AAAA record.  :-)

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