Apple Airport Extreme IPv6 problems?

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Mon Sep 17 11:39:35 UTC 2007

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>> I think we will never move to IPv6 if vendors don't do things
>> like the one in the Airport. However, in order to make this
>> "transition" phase where there may be a possible degradation
>> of the RTT, we need to cooperation of the operators, for
>> example deploying 6to4 relays in their networks.
> And just what should operators do to cooperate?
> Are you aware of any documents that describe how to set up 6to4 relays
> in an ISP network?

I believe there are books that document it. Personally, I've got a  
bunch of slides - if you think that they'll be of use I can clean  
them up.

I intend to add some step-by-step textual stuff to http:// but haven't had a chance yet, I've only really  
covered end user Teredo stuff - please add stuff if you can.

Nathan Ward

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