Apple Airport Extreme IPv6 problems?

Martin Hannigan hannigan at
Sat Sep 15 19:14:43 UTC 2007

On 9/15/07, Barrett Lyon <blyon at> wrote:

[ snip ]

> We removed AAAA on our production hosts shortly after we deployed it,
> our global v6 deployment goes production next week, at which time I
> may re-add the AAAA to limited production.  If we do this, I publish
> a report of the stats once I have more accurate figures.

How did you do the naming? Matching AAAA or unique?

I have no idea what to expect over time with behavior on matching AAAA
and A since I have no idea what to expect with v6 since we don't
really have any standard deployment plans or even de-facto standards
in place to move forward. Is there any de-facto or otherwise standard
around host schemes for dual stack?


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