Anyone using uvlan out there?

Deepak Jain deepak at
Thu Sep 13 21:53:07 UTC 2007

> How does it work?
> Using the libpcap (winpcap for windows users) library, uvlan listens to 
> a specific ethernet device. If a broadcast frame is seen, then it is 
> sent off to all the peers so they can add it to their records and emit 
> the broadcast on their local network. Once this happens, the device 
> (computer, router, gaming console, etc) which sent the broadcast will be 
> known by all the peers and remote machines will know of the device's 
> existance and how to route traffic to it.

I'd be very concerned if you had a lot of machines running on the same 
side of a hardware switch and all were "nodes"... they'd replicate all 
the broadcast frames and n^2 plus the hardware switch's contribution :). 
Sounds like a problem for machines that are reasonably close together 
and/or large implementations of these.

Kind of cool otherwise.


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