Good Stuff [was] Re: shameful-cabling gallery of infamy - does anybody know

Leigh Porter leigh.porter at
Thu Sep 13 08:52:18 UTC 2007

Cabling Installatin & Maintenance Magazine

Sounds like a fascinating read ;-)

Frank Coluccio wrote:
> Article: Abandoned Cable Removal A Dogged Challenge For All
> Cabling Installatin & Maintenance Magazine
> By Patrick McLaughlin | July 2007 Issue
> --
> As an aside, legend has it that some of the larger skyscrapers in NY City would
> crumble under the weight of the cables installed inside them --particularly
> coaxial and proprietary mutli-pair cable runs that were used for market data
> services and desktop video displays prior to the proliferation of Ethernet over
> fiber backbones-- running up and down vertical riser shafts, were it not for the
> bracing and additional structural supports installed after the fact to support them. 
> Frank  
> ---

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