shameful-cabling gallery of infamy - does anybody know where it went?

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Wed Sep 12 02:06:28 UTC 2007

On Tue, Sep 11, 2007, Alex Rubenstein wrote:

> Or, the local phone company begging us to get lines in different CO's so
> that we wouldn't overload inter-office trunks and tandems.

Or the weekly exchange 'reboots' that happened at ~1am. the MRTG graphs of
your dialins would show everyone logging off quickly followed by 100% of
CPU use as people autodialed back in..

> Or, the custom made racks to hold USR Sportster modems (which had to be
> removed from their enclosure)

.. and the custom toroidal 10A 12V AC PSUs you'd have to build (and get
tagged by an electrician!) because 300 odd modems in a small space meant
you had 300 odd black wallwarts..

> Or, Livingston PM3's that cost $17k for two PRIs

.. hahahaha. And the PM3's that had busted-ass TS015 (I think) PRI code
which meant they wouldn't properly work in Australia. We had to roll
Bay 5399's (with the BLUE LED of doom) or AS5200's.

Migrating to Euro ISDN was a smart move. Thanks Telecom.

Anyone remember when Cisco would sell the "dial solution" as AS5200's with
Cisco VXR's doing L2F offload?

(Our solution: disable PPP multilink on the normal dialin; have a different
number + 2 PRIs for the multilink clients.)

> Or, full BGP between AGIS and iMCI (note the 'i') on a 2501

> Or, when you had a mail server (it was monolithic, remember) fail, and
> you told customers, they'd say, "OK, I'll check my mail tomorrow"

.. how's that different from ISPs today?



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