shameful-cabling gallery of infamy - does anybody know where it went?

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Alright, this is all scary familiar and bringing back bad memories.

Wooden modem racks, POPs in disued bathrooms, demarcs so stuffed with
wire (solder post, wrap, AND 66 blocks) that you can't find your
cable, movin' cools exhausting hot air into a hall way just to get the
POP down to 90... And the most interesting bit was just what sort of
buildings you could manage to find 300 pair to. Why a small hair salon
had a need for a 100 pair cable is beyond me.

Then of course there's the stories of things like coring a hole
through a floor only to come up in the middle of the hallway upstairs
by mistake because someone didn't know how to measure, and the myriad
beanie bundles splicing 25 pair cables that "accidentally" got
cut made even more obvious by the large quantity of electrical tape
holding the thing together...

The things we had to go through for dialup.

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> > Do that at the telco in Hawaii and you won't be working here very long.  ;-)  The installation work and wiring here is something to swoon over.
> One of the stranger things a field tech of ours encountered wasn't necessarily bad wiring (although it's not great), but the fact that the demarc was located next to the toilet in the bathroom. Naturally, the constant humidity caused bad corrosion problems and other issues with their telco services. :) So as a general rule of thumb, avoid putting your telco and/or network gear next to the crapper or the services the equipment is meant to provide might also stink. 
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