Route table growth and hardware to the filter

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Tue Sep 11 15:34:20 UTC 2007

I'm willing to bet that Cisco's sales team is pushing back a little on
this enhancement.  Given the choice between prolonging the usefulness of
Sup2 for another year or two versus selling a massive amount of new
Sup720-3BXLs, I'm betting they'll do the later.


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There's a couple of feature requests open at Cisco that would do this. 
Rodney Dunn (at Cisco) pushed quite hard for these but couldn't get any 
traction. As he's previously pointed out it would have if people would 
vote for them (attach a case to).


Rodney Dunn wrote:

Take your pick.  :) 

CSCsa45474 Ability to block overlapping BGP prefixes from being
installed in RIB

or better:

CSCsa46049 IOS RIB should not install overlapping routes with same next


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