Route table growth and hardware to the filter

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Sep 10 09:10:29 UTC 2007

> Despite Tim's comment, this is not the result of "non-standard" 
> policy languages.  In fact, it's the result of truly expressive 
> policy languages.

i am less sure of that.  tim's metarouting algebras do not seem to lack
expressiveness.  they just allow us to define policy languages that do
not let us express stupid things.

> Any language that forces all of us to make globally consistent
> choices is not going to mandate aligned policies, which is going to
> necessarily result in deeply restricted systems.

i am not sure global consistency requires global homogeneity. it is more
likely to require some visibility/transparency which maybe the folk
doing partial-reveal crypto have a leg on.

but, interesting as this is, i fear we have drifted a bit afield from
describing hacks to allow us more control of what moves from our ears to
our ribs and then what fibs we tell.


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