Route table growth and hardware to the filter

Randy Bush randy at
Sun Sep 9 06:41:19 UTC 2007

> If you do save it in your BRIB, then you can do this filtering between
> RIB and FIB.  That turns out to be a completely local feature, requiring
> no protocol changes or additions whatsoever, and thus does not even
> require an RFC or Internet draft.  This feature has been seen in some
> circles under the name "ORIB".  Ask YFRV's PM for it.  ;-)
> Note that this feature *is* CPU intensive.  This also does not decrease
> the RP RAM usage the way that update filtering would.  In fact, due to
> the overhead of tracking filtered and non-filtered prefixes, there is
> additional RP RAM usage.  YMMV.

so, bottom line, no help other than reducing fib?


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