Using Mobile Phone email addys for monitoring (summarization)

Alex Pilosov alex at
Fri Sep 7 23:54:02 UTC 2007

As an experiment, I wanted to try to summarize all the answers given on 
this question, hope this helps someone.

Suggestions given:

* modem and TAP gateway 
** TAP numbers at
** Software: sendpage or qpage

* Mobile phone with a serial port and AT commandset
** Software: sms-tools gnokii gsmd
** Issues: not reliable because of battery drain

* Purpose-made GSM/CDMA modems 
** Software: same as above
** Manufacturers: Intercel, Sierra 750 (PCMCIA), Falcom Samba 75 (USB)

* Purpose-made GSM-IP modems
** Manufacturers:

* Pages via DTMF 
** Hylafax/asterisk

-alex [for mlc]

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