Using Mobile Phone email addys for monitoring

Brian Wallingford brian at
Fri Sep 7 01:02:00 UTC 2007

:>         Some mobile phones you can talk to via AT commandset, either
:>via USB cable or something else.  (eg: I have used a Nokia 6230 with usb
:>cable.. you can also use bluetooth).  If you pay $5 or whatnot for unlimited
:>SMS on a el-cheapo plan, it might work better than using the SMTP gateway
:>(when tied to Nagios, etc..) as you can send SMS messages with the AT
:Assuming, for the moment, that there's a cell signal available in
:your data center... Not always the case, unfortunately.

I recall a datacenter in BOS that went so far as to nearly eliminate RF
using corrugated aluminum inside the walls (you know who you are :)

The simple answer is that it depends on how critical such notifications
are.  Address it as you would your upstream connectivity, and make it
as redunant as is justified.

For my meager purposes, smtp is usually fine.  For truly critical
issues, my nms will use a dedicated phone line to dial a handful of
on-call techs, with no more info than caller-id.  If that id shows up on
their phones, immediate investigation is needed.  It's embarrassingly
primitive, but it's never failed.


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