Using Mobile Phone email addys for monitoring

Alexander Harrowell a.harrowell at
Thu Sep 6 22:30:55 UTC 2007

GSM/GPRS modems are cheap; so are SMS messages. The answer should be

On 9/6/07, Matthew Palmer <mpalmer at> wrote:
>  The only
> thing I spec for SMS notifications is a GSM modem physically connected to
> the monitoring box.  There's still points of failure, but they're a lot
> fewer than SMTP to some third party.
> True paranoids (as we all should be) monitor their monitoring box, and it
> might be permissible to use an SMTP to SMS gateway for that monitoring, as
> long as you're monitoring all the appropriate things so that wide-scale
> failures (such as power loss) still get to you via your GSM modem (mmm,
> local UPSen).
> - Matt
> Professional Paranoid
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