[funsec] The "Great IPv6 experiment" (fwd)

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Wed Sep 5 08:52:22 UTC 2007

Thus spake "Deepak Jain" <deepak at ai.net>
> Crap. Now people are going to start asking if the ipv6 platform
> does ipv6 forwarding in hardware or software. :|

We'll all have to answer "hard"ware of course, since admitting we forward 
the Experiment's traffic in "soft"ware would be rather embarassing, right?


P.S.  I'm writing this from behind a monopoly ISP who deliberately blocks 
all proto 41 traffic, and thus 6to4, so I have no idea what content, if any, 
the Experiment is actually providing...  Anyone want to give me a Teredo 
relay for "research" purposes?  :)

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