Any earthlink mail admins?

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Wed Nov 28 20:03:57 UTC 2007

I found their NOC line:

Their business tech support line is 888-698-4357, they might be able to
direct you to the right person.


I know it's lame, but as a last resort you might also want to try their chat
feature on their support site.


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I can't get thru via their abuse.

Your email servers have been pounding us ( / with
a non-stop dictionary attack for about a week.

Logs available upon request.

Nov 28 13:37:46 pcls5 sendmail[26487]: NOUSER: jbart1 []
Nov 28 13:37:49 pcls5 sendmail[26487]: NOUSER: jbart10 []
Nov 28 13:37:53 pcls5 sendmail[26487]: NOUSER: jbart2 []
Nov 28 13:37:56 pcls5 sendmail[26487]: NOUSER: jbart3 []
Nov 28 13:37:59 pcls5 sendmail[26487]: NOUSER: jbart4 []
      ...etc etc etc...

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