[admin] RE: Creating a crystal clear and pure Internet

Lamar Owen lowen at pari.edu
Wed Nov 28 14:52:49 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 27 November 2007, Alex Pilosov wrote:
> I'd like to draw attention to nanog AUP, particularly #6: Postings of
> political, philosophical, and legal nature are prohibited.

> While the "regulation of internet by filtering bad traffic" is clearly
> political and/or legal, I do think the *technical* implication of it are
> very much on-topic. After all, once this happens, we as network operators
> will be responsible for the filtering.

With all due respect, Alex and the rest of the MLC, I believe AUP #6 (aka, the 
Ostrich Clause) should be amended.  Operational folks must be involved in the 
nontechnical processes that impact their daily jobs, or one day you will find 
that operations will be impossible due to bone-headed regulations that might 
have been stopped had knowledgeable operational people spoken up soon enough. 

And while I realize this belongs more on nanog-futures, this thought should at 
least see the light of day on the main nanog list first.  

So I guess I'll subscribe to nanog-futures so that I can participate in what 
may become a lively discussion over there on the Ostrich Clause.  I encourage 
everyone else who might be interested in joining this discussion to do so as 

I do not intend to post further on this subject on this list; no warning 
Lamar Owen
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