NeXT Default Network

JAKO Andras jako.andras at
Wed Nov 28 01:34:37 UTC 2007

 Fred, Brandon, Spiro,

Thanks for all your answers.

> operating system called NextStep. It sounds like they came up with a variety
> of site-local address pre-RFC1918 and pre-RFC3927 that did something similar
> to RFC 3927 addresses.

That's it. is often used in examples, but I also found in 
the "Automatic Host Addition" chapter of the following:

"The second property, configuration_ipaddr, is required and specifies the 
address that must not be allocated by nibootpd. This address is in fact 
the address that NeXT uses to identify a new workstation temporarily 
during the boot process. It should always be set to 

It looks like this /24 is (was) a must for their "Automatic Host Addition" 
process. So now I see how this prefix got into Barry's list.


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