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On November 27, 2007 at 07:28 johnmusbach at (John Musbach) wrote:
 > On Nov 27, 2007 6:38 AM, Sean Donelan <sean at> wrote:
 > > France anti-piracy initiative
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 > I don't understand, how in the world do they plan to differentiate
 > normal legal traffic from illegal pirating???

It doesn't matter. That's the beauty of legal processes, they're not
bound by physical laws or other external realities. Only by what a
small group of people with appropriate jurisdiction and police powers
can be convinced to agree upon.

So if given the authority they decided you shall not deliver content
they deem inappropriate OR ELSE then that will be your choice.

If they decided you should fly around the room and spit wooden nickels
OR ELSE, oh, do jail time, then you'll end up in jail.

But, of course, it'll be a lot easier to get a committee with
appropriate jurisdication to agree that any content they find
objectionable oughta be filtered, OR ELSE, and leave the details to
others to work out.

To say this is not operational would be like claiming that filtering
out rogue BGP announcements are not operational.

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