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Tue Nov 27 19:06:12 UTC 2007

On November 27, 2007 at 09:38 sean at (Sean Donelan) wrote:
 > Some people have compared unwanted Internet traffic to water pollution, 
 > and proposed that ISPs should be required to be like water utilities and
 > be responsible for keeping the Internet water crystal clear and pure.
 > Several new projects have started around the world to achieve those goals.

On a related note:

  FCC Could Extend Reach To Cable TV
  Vote Scheduled for Today May Open Door to Regulation

Basically the FCC is being broken out of their cage of "broadcast
spectrum and telephone monopolies only" and being given the power to
regulate cable TV content.

No doubt internet content can't be far behind, the boundaries have
just disappeared and all that's left is "whatever seems to us to be in
the interest of the public".

The FCC is being turned into The Ministry of Censorship before your

The pretext is consumer pricing (unbundling etc) but go look at sites
like ("Parents Televsion Council"), they're
already gunning for the FCC's new power over cable content to install
their own agenda.

If anyone doesn't think this is operational they're missing the point.

Making the net as "clean and wholesome" as prime time TV is going to
fall in the laps of operations. And that's where this is going, fast.

 > ITU anti-botnet initiative
 > France anti-piracy initiative

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