Creating a crystal clear and pure Internet

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Tue Nov 27 15:40:07 UTC 2007

Horrid?  Strong words.  What's horrid about allowing an ISP to
prefer that their BGP traffic has a higher priority than end-user
traffic, so that the whole net doesn't fail when pipes are
overprescribed, or there is a virus/worm on the net?  What's
horrid about allowing an end-user to decide which of its traffic
should be dropped first, if by definition some traffic HAS to be
dropped due to over-prescription?

If you think it's horrid, then I'd like some examples, because I
suspect that given certain specific scenarios you'd probably
agree with what should happen (as neutral as can possibly be
managed, and transparent).


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> > The only discriminatory behavior that should be
> > allowed is for QoS, to treat specific types or traffic in
> a
> > different manner to give preferential treatment to
> specific
> > classifications of traffic.
> I myself and I'm sure most others prefer net neutrality to
> the horrid
> alternative you're suggesting
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