BOTNET reference involving oscilloscope

Howard C. Berkowitz hcb at
Fri Nov 23 15:49:42 UTC 2007

Happy after-Thanksgiving to the USAians still digesting turkey. Indeed, I
can give thanks to the NANOG community for existing; I've gained a great
deal from it and want to keep giving back.

I'm writing a Wikipedia article on the overall topic of swarming, which, of
course, included DDoS. Unfortunately, I can't remember the title or author
of a presentation that either was at NANOG or a Cisco security event.
Precise, huh? :-<

Anyway, I'm hoping someone will remember it and can give a URL. It was from
a network security group at a European physics lab, had very good economic
analysis, and one of its more powerful example is that an oscilloscope
running Windows -- which no one thought of in applying security patches --
was the place the malware hid while the security admins were scrubbing every
obvious computer.

Anyone happen to know where I can find it?

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