unwise filtering policy from cox.net

Chris Edwards chris at eng.gla.ac.uk
Thu Nov 22 01:30:09 UTC 2007

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007, Barry Shein wrote:

| Sean's point was that you can't cause, e.g., eg at example.com alone to
| go to a server other than the same set of servers listed for
| AnythingElse at example.com.

Yes of course - but only a fundamental problem where the MX servers are 
hopelessly overloaded.
This is different from the situation described in the original post, where 
filtering policy is being applied indiscriminately regardless of recipient 
LHS, which is generally a sign of substandard software or foolish admin.

As others have said, normal practice is to apply different filtering 
policy to certain LHS values ([email protected]) and to provision enough MX capacity 
such that the service as a whole is functional (including receiving abuse 

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