unwise filtering policy from cox.net

Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Tue Nov 20 20:57:06 UTC 2007

> Or it was a minor oversight and you're all pissing and moaning over nothing?
> That's a thought too.

Pretty much all of network operations is "pissing and moaning over
nothing," if you wish to consider it such.  Some of us actually care.

In any case, I believe that I've found the Cox abuse folks to be
pretty helpful and clueful in the past, but they may have some of the
typical problems, such as having to forward mail for "[email protected]" through
a large e-mail platform that's designed for customers.  I'm certainly
not saying that it's all right to have this problem, but I would
certainly encourage you to try sending along a brief note without any
BL-listed URL's, to see if you can get a response that way.

... JG
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