Postmaster Operator List?

Andy Davidson andy at
Mon Nov 19 14:50:42 UTC 2007

On 16 Nov 2007, at 15:54, Justin Scott wrote:

> Is there a mailing list similar to NANOG specifically for e-mail
> operations?  I've seen some smaller lists around that deal with  
> specific
> issues (spam, etc.) but have not seen a general postmaster operations
> mailing list, though I'm sure there has to be one around somewhere.

Sorry for the noise.

I emailed -futures registering my interests for such a list, and it  
got a mixed response.  It's a shame, as like you I would like to see  
a busy, interesting, mail operations list, and derive value from one.

I think that it will always be to controversial to start a nanog  
'branded' mail operators list.  I also understand why the MAAWG lists  
are run as a closed system, but recognise this prevents smaller sites  
from taking part.

When discussing this with folks on -futures or irc people agree that  
a public mail operations list might be a good experiment, so I have  
just created one

   mailop at

Join here:

I'll set the reply-to: to me to prevent further noise.

Best wishes

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