BGP community attribute taxonomy

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> Dear Nanog community,
> During the past years, we have seen an increasing usage of the BGP
> community attribute.  For instance, in a recent BGP table dump from
> routeviews, 99% of the routes stored by the router carries BGP
> communities.
> In this context, we are currently working on a BGP community
> taxonomy, i.e., we want to classify and document communities
> according to their usage.  We describe our taxonomy on the following
> url:

> Based on this taxonomy, we tried to collect as much as possible
> information on BGP communities.  This was a daunting task as we
> mainly relied on public database, such as whois server and ISP web
> sites.
> Our current database of classified BGP communities currently contains
> more than 12,000 entries.
> When running our database and taxonomy on recent BGP table dumps from
> RouteViews and RIPE (last dump from September 2007), we were only
> able to classify, on average, 20% of the encountered communities.
> Based on this result, we ranked the unclassified BGP communities.
> Here is the top 10 of most seen ASes using uncommented communities:
> AS19151

Within the week, I will be putting together a BGP community guide for 19151.
I'll post them on WV Fiber's website, pass them along to Charlie Gucker to
add to his community guide webpage and also document them within our
soon-to-be-updated IRR objects.

I apologize for this.  WV Fiber has been under going some major changes in
the past year, and unfortunately public documentation has been lacking.



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