RIR filtering & Level3

Kevin Epperson Epperson at Colorado.EDU
Thu Nov 15 15:16:27 UTC 2007

This was an isolated error which has been fixed and safeguards added to 
prevent it from happening again.  Normally we do not announce anything 
larger than /24 to any eBGP neighbor and we accept down to /32 from 
customers assuming the prefix is registered.

 	-Kevin (Level3)

On Thu, 15 Nov 2007, Jon Lewis wrote:

> On Thu, 15 Nov 2007, Pete Templin wrote:
>> 1) ProviderX (L3 in this case) is allowing you to see some of their 
>> internal routing information.  If by chance those more-specifics come with 
>> MED and you have multiple connections to them, you can choose to make 
>> intelligent routing decisions via MED.  You could have circuitous routing 
>> though, should you not get the more-specifics over a subset of your 
>> connections
>> 2) ProviderX is demonstrating their incompetence in routing and filtering. 
>> This is just an inkling of the goofy stuff and potential landmines lurking 
>> within their network.  You should open tickets, escalate to management, and 
>> abandon this provider ASAP.
> I don't think it's option 1.  We've been a direct Level3 customer for several 
> years and though we're not filtering on RIR minimums yet (ask me again in 
> January :) we do have some basic sanity filtering in place. Level3 isn't 
> sending us anything longer than /24 and hasn't at least in recent history 
> (according to my distribute-list).
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