[admin] Errors to NANOG list subscribers take II

Martin Hannigan hannigan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 17:32:52 UTC 2007

> So where's the ticket then?

It's perfectly reasonable to expect some sort of detail since our
attendance fees help fund the operation of the list. There's an issue
with the complexity of the delivery system that has developed over
time and some new anti-spam appliances that have been implemented.
It's causing some difficulties in resolving the issue and it's being
worked on.

We tend not to get bogged down in the technical minutia with the Merit
admin team since we have day jobs, they get paid to do this work, and
too many cooks in the kitchen are usually not helpful and the Merit
folks are as competent (or more in some cases) as any of us.

We'll keep you posted and do a post mortem.

Best Regards,

Martin Hannigan

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