AS 7018 BGP blackhole / AT&T contact sought

michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Wed Nov 7 10:32:35 UTC 2007

> > I am sorry to hear you have encountered difficulties Nathan.  Your 
> > request will be forward to team members within AT&T today for 
> > assistance.
> Thanks, Ren.  I will wait to hear from one of these team 
> members you referred to.

I went to and tried to search for AT&T.


Then I tried AT and I got a list that included 4 entries for AT&T. I
wonder whether those AT&T entries are up to date and whether someone is
planning to update them, if not.

Also, a suggestion for Jared. Perhaps you could drop the search
function, which clearly is inferior to Ctrl-F in my browser, and just
provide a bunch of links for all possible first letters of the names in
your database.

--Michael Dillon

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