AS-level connectivity survey

Ricardo V. Oliveira rveloso at
Tue Nov 6 09:36:44 UTC 2007


We are doing a survey as a part of an academic research on inter-AS  
connectivity, namely assessing how many AS-level links are missing  
from that inferred from public sources such as BGP tables.  If you  
could participate in this survey, it will be greatly appreciated.   
All data will be anonymized in any kind of use, including the survey  

If you would like to participate, could you please send me a message  
offline with information bellow?

For each ASN in your network:
* Type of network (transit/content/eyeball/research)
*  Total number of neighbor ASes (e.g. if AS A and AS B have multiple  
eBGP sessions, it will count only once).
* Number of peers (versus customers)
* Number of peers that peer at IXPs?
* Which IXPs do you have presence

Plus any comments you'd like to make about inter-AS connectivity, and  
feel free to give a partial answer.

We have condensed the BGP-derived AS-level connectivity information  
in the following website:
Which you can use to check how accurate is the "public view" of your  
network connectivity.



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