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Tim Wilde twilde at cymru.com
Mon Nov 5 21:12:10 UTC 2007

David Conrad wrote:
> As an aside, I note that Verizon is squatting on address space allocated
> to APNIC.  From the self-help web page offered to opt out of this
> "service" (specific to the particular hardware customers might be using,
> e.g., http://netservices.verizon.net/portal/link/help/item?case=c32535),
> they state:
[ snip example ]

I believe you're reading into that too much - they're not squatting on
anything in 123/8, they're just using "123.123.123" as example first
octets to demonstrate the concept of changing the last octet.  IE, their
"standard" DNS servers always live at x.y.z.12 and their "opt-out" DNS
servers for the same customers live at x.y.z.14.

I suspect that the example is confusing enough that plenty of customers
are making the same mistake you did in reading it, and entering
"", but I don't believe they're actually USING those IPs,
as it is (if not clearly enough) labeled as "Example".

Tim Wilde

Tim Wilde
twilde at cymru.com

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