IPv6 Training?

Scott Morris swm at emanon.com
Thu May 31 16:51:24 UTC 2007

There are a few books out there that will give mention of IPv6
configurations, but most are vendor-specific as far as I have seen.

Cisco and Juniper both have at least modules (if not full courses) on IPv6.
Each is obviously not vendor-agnostic.  Something could always be customized
to cover whatever specifics you are looking to cover.

What is the scope you are thinking of for your training?  Would a
multi-vendor concept be better fir your needs rather than theory-only

swm at emanon.com

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Subject: IPv6 Training?

Does anyone know of any good IPv6 training resources (classroom, or
self-guided)? Looking to send several 1st and 2nd tier guys, for some
platform/vendor-agnostic training.

Any clues?


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