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Donald Stahl don at calis.blacksun.org
Thu May 31 15:58:14 UTC 2007

>> I don't think ARIN is planning on giving out more less a /48 but more than 
>> a /32- at least that was the impression I got. End sites get a /48- ISP's 
>> get a /32 or larger- and that's it (I could certainly be wrong). As such, 
>> deaggragation in the /48 block should not be an issue because no one will 
>> have more than a /48 in the first place.
> Yes, you can get a prefix between /32 and /48 if you can justify it.  That is 
> certainly
> in line with the policy which resulted from proposal 2005-1.
You are of course correct- I misread "The minimum assignment size is 
/48" in terms of prefix length (ie minimum of /48- could be /56, etc.) 
which is not what was meant. The very next sentence should have 
clarified that for me but I probably skipped over it. mea culpa.

I'm looking forward to seeing a realistic justification from an end user 
for more than a /48 :)

As an aside- what is the address block for PI end user assignments from 
ARIN? (I can't seem to find it and 2005-1 only mentions a "distinctly 
identified prefix" without any mention of what that would be).

The Microallocation blocks are:

Internal Infrastructure: 2001:0506::/31
Exchange Points: 2001:0504::/31
Critical Infrastructure: 2001:0500::/30

(all of which are /48's so far).

But I see no mention of end-user assignments (unless they fall into one of 
the above categories- though I don't see how).


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