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Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Thu May 31 15:46:37 UTC 2007

Thus spake "Donald Stahl" <don at calis.blacksun.org>
>> The upside is that in the block you're expected to accept /48s,
>> nobody will have a /32.  The downside is that anyone who gets
>> a larger-than-minimum sized allocation/assignment can
>> deaggregate down to that level.
> I don't think ARIN is planning on giving out more less a /48 but
> more than a /32- at least that was the impression I got. End sites
> get a /48- ISP's get a /32 or larger- and that's it (I could certainly
> be wrong). As such, deaggragation in the /48 block should not
> be an issue because no one will have more than a /48 in the
> first place.

Current policy allows for greater-than-/48 PI assignments if the org can 
justify it.  However, since we haven't told staff (via policy) what that 
justification should look like, they are currently approving all requests 
and several orgs have taken advantage of that.

So, it's entirely possible someone could get a /40 and deaggregate that into 
256 routes if they wanted to.  Given the entire v6 routing table is around 
700 routes today, it's obviously not a problem yet :)


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