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Donald Stahl don at calis.blacksun.org
Thu May 31 15:03:23 UTC 2007

> The upside is that in the block you're expected to accept /48s, nobody will 
> have a /32.  The downside is that anyone who gets a larger-than-minimum sized 
> allocation/assignment can deaggregate down to that level.
I don't think ARIN is planning on giving out more less a /48 but more than 
a /32- at least that was the impression I got. End sites get a /48- 
ISP's get a /32 or larger- and that's it (I could certainly be wrong). As 
such, deaggragation in the /48 block should not be an issue because no one 
will have more than a /48 in the first place.


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