Microsoft and Teredo

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Thu May 31 11:41:48 UTC 2007

On Thu, May 31, 2007, Sean Siler wrote:
> Nathan,
> While these are really good questions, I'm afraid I don't have really good answers to them yet.  We haven't made the bits available for customers to install their own Teredo Servers/Relays at this point, and because we haven't, we also don't have good deployment guidance to go along with that.
> I have my own feelings, but let me ask this: what do you all feel about installing a Teredo server in order to provide v6 connectivity to your clients? Is this something that you are really interested in?

I'd prefer to throw IPv6 network ranges at customer links, so they can have
"other" devices on IPv6. IPv6 isn't just for desktops.

How's Teredo servers tie into network security? Does the act of tunneling
from v4 to a v6 broker bypass firewalls, IDSes, etc?


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