IPv6 Deployment

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Thu May 31 01:28:39 UTC 2007

> Most of those features were completely gone by 1995

TLAs et alia lasted until 2000+.  and i think anycast is still broken,
though we can at least ignore it and use v4-style anycast, which turns
out to be what we need.

> leaving larger address space as the sole practical benefit and no
> actual transition plan.  This wisdom of this approach is questionable
> at best, and I'll admit to being part of the team that went along...

well, you get two points for copping to it.  i lay on the train tracks
and was squashed.

i take the arin proclamation as "a problem is looming.  the solution
space is not as appealing as we might wish.  the time to figure out the
transition plan is now.  don't expect arin to figure it out for you."

i like 40 more bits as well as the next geek.  but how the hell do we
get from here to there?  either we sort out how a v6-only site gets to
the internet, there is still ipv4 space at every site and all that
implies, or the users are screwed.


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