Microsoft and Teredo

Thu May 31 00:13:01 UTC 2007

We have a single Linux box in a small in-house data center. This box is at
the same time a 6to4 relay, a Teredo Server and Teredo relay. It is also our
tunnel broker.

Is not our core business, but we could be considered a small "data center"
(all kind of customers and own contents, not just http, but also streaming)
and IPv6 "experimental" ISP, but we only provide connectivity via our tunnel
broker (in addition to the relays).

There is no need to change the Teredo server config at the clients. They use
it only to get the Teredo address at stack-boot time, so I will suggest no
need for that, in principle.

We see more and more Teredo (and 6to4) traffic every month. Special increase
since December, and we believe that it is due to the Vista clients being

Our connection to the world is via IPv6 tunnels, with BGP to 3 upstreams. I
will prefer a native connection, but all this is non-funded/volunteer
effort, so can't move a a real data center, unless somebody volunteer to
host us :-)

Only host/house dual-stack for all the customers (as a kind of experimental

We see more traffic, but since we have been doing this for years, is
difficult to confirm if our "reachability" is better, but definitively don't
have complains from "customer" or customers of our "customers".

Definitively I'm convinced, if ISPs and content providers deploy 6to4 and
Relay servers, there will be less and less troubles (even if we don't see
any right now, but you never know if people is blaming us and not telling,
which I doubt). But also, improve client-to-server and peer-to-peer
performance among client/servers users/users of different transition
mechanisms (example 6to4 to Teredo) and with native/tunneled worlds.

(see my previous threads about showing the "how to do yourself" exercise
that I'm starting in the next days. Also my talk about The cost of NOT doing
IPv6 at the last RIPE meeting and why I want to encourage especially ISPs at
developing regions about doing this)


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> On 31/05/2007, at 10:52 AM, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
>> Hi Nathan,
>> I can probably talk about our own experience ...
>> We started running Teredo Server+Relay in the Windows 2003
>> implementation
>> around 3-4 years ago (not completely sure right now).
>> Unfortunately, when
>> the Service Pack (SP1 I think) was released, stopped working.
>> Until then it was working perfectly, not any issue.
>> Then we moved to a Linux with Miredo, and it has been working since
>> them,
>> first with the 6Bone prefix from Microsoft, then on 6/6/2006, we
>> moved to
>> the RFC one, 2001::/32.
>> No issues at all.
> Where does it live in your network, at each POP, or just in a
> datacenter somewhere? Infact, what kind of network are you? (content,
> transit, access)
> How have you configured clients to talk to your Teredo server instead
> of the default MS one?
> How do you get to the world? Native IPv6 or tunnels?
> Has it improved reachability/reliability of dual stack or v6-only
> content? How do you know?
> Any thoughts about how content providers could use Teredo servers/
> relays to improve their connectivity?
> --
> Nathan Ward

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