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Tony Hain alh-ietf at
Wed May 30 20:10:26 UTC 2007

It matters not if a handful of transit providers are dual-stack, access
networks still prevent native IPv6 from reaching the customer. Also from
what I have seen there is very little native dual-stack or 6PE in North
America, even from those that claim to offer IPv6 service. Everyone is
'waiting for customer demand' before investing seriously. 

Consumers will not demand IPv6 by name until the IPv4 pool has run dry and
their cost for connectivity goes up and press starts regularly talking about
alternatives. Content providers have no incentive to demand until they can
get clear native pathways to the consumer. Access providers have a pile of
CPE to deal with, and the $.05 that it costs to put in dual-stack makes them
non-competitive (that is the whine I hear). Transit providers can turn on
dual-stack, but don't widely because they fear the impact that a few
thousand more routing slots will have, and want to wait till the last
possible minute to get the best potential RIB/FIB scaling. 

I never said the sky was falling. I am just observing the stand-off that is
going on. The only way to move forward is for some collection of entities to
break from their respective herd and deliver end-to-end native IPv6 service.
Kevin Day's effort will provide some real info to squelch the FUD that keeps
going around, but that is only a starting point. The transition tool set is
out there to break any dependencies on rollout sequence, but if they are
deployed in a haphazard fashion the resulting unpredictability will raise
opex. What we clearly need are deployment guidelines and documentation of
the pitfalls of the 'don't go there' approaches to dispel fear about the
business impact of going first and getting it wrong.


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> > This is a grand game of chicken. The ISPs are refusing to move first
> due to
> > lack of content
> pure bs.  most significant backbones are dual stack.  you are the
> chicken, claiming the sky is falling.
> randy

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