Content provider plans

Michal Krsek michal at
Wed May 30 17:24:23 UTC 2007

> Can someone from Google or Yahoo (or any other major provider) comment on 
> their IPv6 plans?

Few weeks ago I had interesting discussion with *unnamed* Google VIP. His 
answer has been:
"Google engineers doesn't see need to spend money on building IPv6 
infrastructure. You, as user, can motivate them by sending request 
supporting this idea."

So did you write your e-mail to Google techies?

BTW there is probably a way to motivate users to use IPv6. If some players 
(and I think there are some in this list) will make some "premium" services 
available only over IPv6 and do it for free, this can motivate users to go 
forward. Yes, this costs money, but ... everything costs money.

Nice example is to stream video over IPv6 in better quality or provide IPv6 
peering for better conditions than for IP.


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