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On Tue, 29 May 2007 09:21:49 EDT, Donald Stahl said:

> So many people seem to be obsessed with getting the end users connected 
> via IPv6 but there is no point in doing so until the content is reachable. 
> The built in tunneling in Windows could be a problem so let's start by 
> using different dns names for IPv6 enabled servers- or 
> whatever. Can anyone think of a reason that a separate hostname for IPv6 
> services might cause problems or otherwise impact normal IPv4 users?

How do you get to actually get *used*, when your average
user doesn't know where they set '' in their PC's configuration,
and either don't understand why sometimes's it's and sometimes it's, or don't even bother, they just type 'foo' into the address bar
and let the browser add www. and .com, or they go to google and enter 'foo'
and hit "I feel lucky"?

You're basically stuck that you have to provide one name with both ann A and
an AAAA record, or your support desk staff will mutiny.
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