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michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Tue May 29 15:05:12 UTC 2007

> what's interesting is the chicken/egg problem of users/content/ipv6.
> What's driving v6 deployment?

Currently, it is IPv4 exhaustion. As for content, that can be tied to
users in some situations, for instance VPNs. That's why I think that a
lot of the worry is premature. Instead of figuring out how to deploy
IPv6 to grandma we should be thinking of which early-adopter communities
could use IPv6 services and help us, the network operators, climb up the
IPv6 learning curve so that we will be ready when IPv4 shortages start
to cause pain to us and the average customer. Before we run out of IPv4
addresses, some of you will be explaining to Joe Sixpack why he cannot
get his DSL line moved to the new house that he just bought because it
is served by a PoP that has run out of v4 addresses. Or you will be
explaining the additional $30/month v4 addressing surcharge that he will
have to pay if he doesn't take the v6 option at the new house.

Today we only have to solve today's problems in order to learn what we
need to do to solve tomorrows problems. We may learn that tomorrows
problems are a lot easier to solve than we thought.

--Michael Dillon

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