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michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Tue May 29 11:26:47 UTC 2007

>Back in the day, there was something called Interop where vendors were
>put under the thumb. Since there is no such thing for IPv6, perhaps
>NANOG could step into that vacuum.

I've gotten a couple of replies pointing me to
Although the website doesn't make it very clear that this is something
other than a logo branding program, i.e. marketing, perhaps there is
some level of interoperability testing being done, however it is *NOT*
being done under the thumb of potential customers like Interop was in
the early days of commercial IPv4 networking.

That's why I suggested that NANOG run some kind of IPv6 vendor showcase
in which all the vendors would be running an interoperable IPv6 network.
As many have pointed out, this is not just about routers since Cisco and
Juniper have had IPv6 support for years and both are in use on
production IPv6 networks in Asia. People need to see things like the
Hexago gateways, Teredo servers, proxies, management consoles/tools, and
so on. Even the easy stuff needs to be on display because if it can't be
seen then people will not believe that it is easy. 

Also, if NANOG does such a showcase, then content providers like Google
and Yahoo should be invited. Just because they don't offer IPv6 services
today on the open Internet, doesn't mean that they haven't got something
running in-house. A showcase at NANOG might be an attractive venue for
them to show where they are headed.

--Michael Dillon

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