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Sun May 27 17:47:15 UTC 2007

Hi Chris,

Yes, there are several. We host one of them at least.

But they are not needed for peer-to-peer only for those cases when some
users use Teredo and others have 6to4 or other IPv6 (native, other
transition techniques).

Of course, this situation will become more and more frequent (more people
using IPv6, even w/o knowing, means more people using different transition
mechanisms and having more chances to need to use 6to4 and Teredo Relays).

That's why I'm trying to convince folks about deploying 6to4 and Teredo
relays, which is something quite simple to do. Also this will allow to

For example, I guess that if a big ISP setup 6to4 relays in the same router
that they have at every POP, then there is not an scalability issue, even if
those relays are only available for the ISP customers.

For Teredo, today you need to use either Windows 2003 or the Longhorn (which
is a beta), or Miredo which can be setup in any Open Source OS, but I don't
think is a big issue either. I expect the router vendors to have Teredo
support in a short time, hopefully.

In our case, we host a Teredo Server+Teredo Relay+6to4 Relay+Tunnel Broker
in the same Linux box, which is also IPv6 natively connected to our
dual-stack infrastructure. This is what I would recommend.

In fact, because this becomes much more relevant were the upstream transit
is more expensive, in LACNIC and AfriNIC (in Spanish an English,
respectively), next week I will start a thread to explain how to install
both in different platforms and solve problems that the people may have when
doing so. Folks interested in the English version should subscribe at For Spanish
subscribe at


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> On Sun, 27 May 2007, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
>> There are many things in Vista, and hopefully more to come, which prefer
>> IPv6 for peer-to-peer. And even if the ISPs don't offer IPv6 at all, hosts
>> use 6to4 or Teredo to automatically provide the required IPv6 connectivity.
> is there a global-ipv6 -> terado gateway in existence yet? If not... it's
> not ipv6 connectivity. It's nat-traversal to a 'private' network which
> happens to use ipv6 addressing. Things like 6to4 won't really scale as a
> solution either :( if comcast's 20m clients wake up and 6to4 tunnel
> tomorrow someone's 6to4 tunnel server is going to be in big trouble :(
> (same for the 7.5m verizon dsl customers, which reminds me I need to get
> back to playing some more with a 6to4 gateway again)
> Anyway, Terado had always seemed like a nice solution to not the ipv6
> transition problem.

The IPv6 Portal:

Bye 6Bone. Hi, IPv6 !

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